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Businesses need financing for everything from housing and hotels to hospitals and new construction projects. To provide coverage for those various properties, we created a portfolio of unique financial products that cater to specific areas.

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commercial real estate

Commercial Real Estate Loans

At KASHER Capital, we are committed to providing businesses with financing options that meet their needs. This extends to commercial real estate financing so we can assist companies in funding their properties no matter the building type or industry. If you’re looking for a loan that covers commercial properties, we have the solution.

commercial real estate financing

Fix & Flip Loans

Flipping properties is one of the most accessible ways to generate revenue and improve communities at the same time. At KASHER Capital, we provide financing for fix and flip projects to ensure success at every step of the way. Our fix and flip financing programs are designed for property acquisitions and renovations so commercial real estate investors can stay on schedule, rehab their properties, and get them ready for market.

fix and flip financing

Stated Income Loans

Get the working capital you need without mountains of paperwork when you qualify for a stated income commercial real estate loan. This financial product is a strong alternative to traditional business loans, especially if you have a difficult credit history. Loan decisions are based on your commercial property’s value and not on your personal credit. KASHER Capital offers stated income loans with exceptional terms.

stated income loans