Why Accounts Receivable Financing Might Get You Organized

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8 Tricks for Improving Business Etiquette

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The Nightmares of Crowdfunding

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Why You Might Be Seeing Employee Turnover

Employee turnover is costly. It’s not just money in training a new person, it’s losing that employee’s skills and knowledge of your company. When an employee quits, it disrupts the team, which can also harm your bottom line. Here are... Read More

How to Get Started in the Green Energy Business

There’s a great deal of support from the federal government and from private interests to promote green energy and renewable industry. This country has targeted 2035 as a realistic deadline for achieving a level of 80% of the available energy... Read More

10 Tips for Boosting Cash Flow

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Tax Write-Offs That Every Entrepreneur Should Know

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Tips for Young Professionals Going on Business Trips

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The Basics of Asset-Based Lending

When you apply for asset-based lending, the financial institution processing your loan relies solely on the value of assets as collateral. This differs considerably from most types of business loans where the lender reviews the applicant’s credit report, credit score,... Read More

The Kinds of Collateral You Can Use for a Loan

Collateral loans allow you to use the value of assets you or your business owns to guarantee repayment. These business loans are secured by the collateral, meaning that if you fail to repay you could lose that collateral. For this... Read More