Monthly Archives: September 2020

Tips for Young Professionals Going on Business Trips

Although business trips might be on hold for the time being due to COVID-19, the day is quickly approaching when young professionals across the globe will be traveling to conduct...... Read More

The Basics of Asset-Based Lending

When you apply for asset-based lending, the financial institution processing your loan relies solely on the value of assets as collateral. This differs considerably from most types of business loans...... Read More

The Kinds of Collateral You Can Use for a Loan

Collateral loans allow you to use the value of assets you or your business owns to guarantee repayment. These business loans are secured by the collateral, meaning that if you...... Read More

Tips for Cash Flow Management

Managing cash flow is critical to the success of any business: Doing it well ensures that a company can keep up with its bills and make necessary investments while doing...... Read More