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This is a compilation of different blogs regarding small business finance. All the things you will need to answer your questions are here.

Alternative Lending Benefits for Small Businesses

When your business requires a boost in cash flow, securing a traditional bank loan isn’t as easy as it sounds, as your chances of being approved are often slim, at best. This is why many businesses turn to alternative lending... Read More

4 Office Considerations for Business Leaders to Foster Creativity

Whether you realize it our not, nearly every business runs on creative employees. Even the most fact and numbers-based industries require problem solving, brainstorming, and innovative approaches to common problems. As a business owner or leader, it’s imperative that you... Read More

Business Credit

When you own your own business, at some point you’ll find yourself operating either with less working capital than you need or at an absolute short-fall that puts you squarely in the red. In either of those instances, you’ll have... Read More

Business Grants Available for Women Business Owners

Business grants can be a valuable source of capital for an entrepreneur. For female entrepreneurs, there are grants and opportunities available to help you start or expand your venture and promote women in entrepreneurship. The Amber Grant was started decades... Read More

Basics of Seller Carry-back Mortgages

Selling your home can be a difficult proposition, to say the least. It can be difficult to find a buyer, and it can be even more difficult when you have found a buyer but for whatever reason, they cannot obtain... Read More

How to Get Unsecured Business Lines of Credit

Working with conventional banks can prove to be hectic, especially when you need short-term loans. The astringent application process may derail your plans to meet working capital needs. To finance unplanned expenses and late invoice payments, you should understand how... Read More

3 Ways to Finance an Import Business

Aftermarket research, you may realize that sourcing for local goods may be expensive than importing. If your business model establishes this gap, you should shift to import business. With import business, you must determine your source of funding. Following in-depth... Read More

Financing a Women’s Business 101

Women who are seeking to build a new business should research the many different financing options available to them in the form of federal grants, to private organizations. Here are some valuable resources we recommend doing more exploration on:  Eileen Fisher... Read More

5 Tips for Business Owners to Get Financing

For business owners, financing often serves as a golden opportunity, unlocking ways to buy equipment, expand offices and operations, and more. The following five tips can make it easier for any company to gain access to financing. Give Yourself Time... Read More