Monthly Archives: June 2020

How to Protect Your Business from a Recession

Is your business strong enough to prosper in good economic times—and bad? There are many ways you can prepare to thrive in changing business climates, including the next, inevitable recession. Try these recession-proofing business tips, so you’re ready for anything:... Read More

What to Do After Getting Your Business Loan or Line of Credit

It’s natural to feel a sense of accomplishment after your business gains access to a business loan or line of credit. However, once your business obtains financing, there is still work to do, including the following tasks. Predict Cash Flow... Read More

How Do Bridge Loans Work?

When you need a short-term commercial real estate loan, just until a mortgage transaction you’re involved in is closed or completed, a bridge loan could work for you. A bridge loan is a commercial funding option that provides a temporary... Read More

How to Manage Your Time While Working from Home

Working from home might not become the norm, but it is a very viable option when you’re saving money for your business or protecting your health. Sometimes, without a boss looking over your shoulder, it can be difficult to stay... Read More