Monthly Archives: December 2020

How to Decide if Asset-Based Loans Are Right for Your Business

If you have been trying to get a business loan and have felt discouraged by the results so far, you might wish to consider asset-based lending. With this type of alternative lending, the item you are purchasing or leasing acts... Read More

How to Be Prepared for Equipment Leasing

Equipment leasing can be an excellent alternative financing option for small businesses that want to maintain a consistent cash flow. If you have ever taken out a loan to purchase a large and expensive piece of equipment, you know how... Read More

8 Tips Before Registering for a Trademark

The United States Trademark Office receives 60,000 applications each year. That means approximately 5,000 entrepreneurs and existing companies attempt to register part of their brand name or a product name to prevent the competition from using it. Although you must... Read More

Tips for Debt Management in Your Business

Debt management is key to a business’s long-term success as well as its ability to keep up with its bills in the short term. If your business is having trouble in this area, consider the following tips. Organize Your Business’s... Read More