Etiquette isn’t for great-aunt Helen or when you visit a dignitary. Etiquette is how you conduct yourself, even when you think no one is watching. Your manners say a lot about you, maybe more than your resume does. Here are eight things that you can do to put your best business etiquette on.

Put away devices in meetings or lunches.  

Even if others have their phones out, be respectful of others when you’re having a meeting. You’ll get through quicker without distractions and your colleagues will appreciate not having to repeat themselves.

No personal grooming at your desk.  

Nail trimming, flossing or even putting makeup on is best left for your home. If you do need to take care of business, go to the bathroom or find a private spot. A nail file for quick fixes is one thing. Don’t make your co-workers sit through your personal business.

Say thank you.  

Gratitude covers a lot of things. Handwritten notes are awesome when someone goes above and beyond. Invest in fine stationery to have on hand to let people know you appreciate them.

Bring your best manners to business meals.  

Business etiquette at meals means putting on your finest manners. Read up on meal etiquette so you don’t make mistakes. Defer to the host. Don’t drink more than one drink if you are offered one by your host.

Ask before bringing your spouse to a business function.  

Unless spouses or significant others are expressly invited, don’t bring anyone with you.

Be cautious about what you write in email or work channels.  

Know that anything you put in writing could be broadcast through work. Don’t use work email for personal business. Keep it separate.

Don’t dominate meetings.  

One question per meeting is enough. Make sure to ask questions that benefit everyone, not just yourself.

Be on time.  

Train yourself to show up 5 to 10 minutes early for meetings so people aren’t waiting on you. If you do get unavoidedly delayed, reach out and apologize.

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