Business grants can be a valuable source of capital for an entrepreneur. For female entrepreneurs, there are grants and opportunities available to help you start or expand your venture and promote women in entrepreneurship.

The Amber Grant was started decades ago in memory of a young woman who died young before achieving her own success as an entrepreneur. The organization offers a $1,000 grant to one woman entrepreneur each month. At the end of the year, one of the twelve women is selected to receive an additional $10,000 grant.

The Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards is open to women in the beginning stages of business development. Those who are awarded receive business coaching, workshops in entrepreneurship, networking events, and a scholarship for an educational program. In addition, those who receive the award are given a financial grant. Seven entrepreneurs receive $100,000 and an additional 14 receive $30,000. is a website that provides information for entrepreneurs seeking grants. While most of the information is for non-profit organizations, there are grants available to for-profit businesses, as well.

The Tory Burch Fellows was founded in 2004 to support women in entrepreneurship. Each year, ten women are selected to receive a grant of $10,000, a trip to the Troy Burch Foundation headquarters for networking and workshops, and ongoing support from the foundation for the next year.

The Open Meadows Foundation offers $2,000 grants to organizations that help promote gender, racial, and economic justice. The organizations must be led by women with a budget of less than $75,000, and priority is given to small and start-up organizations. Grants are given to non-profit organizations.

Whether you want to start a new venture or are hoping to expand your current business, these grants for women can be just what you need to achieve success as an entrepreneur.