When the holidays roll around and it’s time to design specialized marketing campaigns again, don’t stick with the same old thin, generic material. The holidays are a great time to help your company stand out from the crowd with unique and meaningful holiday messaging, so don’t pass this chance up! Although coming up with distinctive holiday marketing ideas may seem tough at first, there are several clever strategies you can employ to create your best seasonal marketing materials yet. Here’s how your company can craft this standout messaging!

Use Your Holiday Message To Underscore Your Company Values

Rather than sticking to cliché bylines, use your holiday message as an opportunity to really showcase your company’s core values to consumers. For example, if you regularly donate a portion of the proceeds of a certain product to charity, you may want to focus your messaging on the importance of supporting others. If your company prides itself on being eco-friendly, you can use your holiday message as a platform to tell customers how you’ve been working towards fulfilling your corporate purpose during the past year. Whatever values you choose to underscore, make sure your messaging comes across as heartfelt and genuine.

Promote Charity Work and Focus on Giving Back

If your company doesn’t normally do charity work throughout the year, the holidays are the perfect time to launch a seasonal campaign. The season of giving is an ideal moment to focus on giving back, and to highlight your efforts in your next marketing campaign. For instance, you could run a company promotion and match any donations made by your customers during the holiday season.

Let Your Customers Know How Much You Appreciate Them

Finally, don’t forget to let your customers know that they are much appreciated! For your recurring customers, you may even want to send personalized gifts or discount offers as a token of your thanks for their business. This move can easily help your company stand out and could even lead to repeat business in the future!

During the holidays, the markets quickly become flooded with corporate holiday messaging coming from nearly every sector in the business world. In order to make your company’s holiday marketing resonate with consumers and stand out from the rest, it’s important to plan carefully and avoid cookie-cutter solutions. With these strategies, your business can craft unique holiday materials that are sure to be meaningful and effective.