Invoice factoring can be a good option for business financing. In this process, you essentially sell your unpaid invoices to a factoring company. The factoring company provides you with cash for the invoices and is then responsible for collecting payment. After repaying the purchase price and deducting any fees, the factoring company sends any additional balance back to your organization. Here are some reasons invoice factoring can be good for you to consider.

  • Alternative financing. If you have trouble with traditional financing, invoice factoring may be a good option for you. It provides alternative financing, including for newer businesses or those with a credit history that does not match traditional financing requirements.
  • Immediate payment. Waiting for clients to pay invoices can make budgeting difficult. With invoice factoring, you can get paid immediately, which allows you to meet financial obligations for your business.
  • The flexibility of use. Since you are given cash upfront for your invoices, you can use the money for whatever is needed within the business. Some sources of financing limit how money can be spent. Invoice factoring allows you to make the decision for how the money should be spent in your organization.
  • Growth for the business. Insufficient cash flow is a major obstacle to business growth. Invoice factoring helps you get over this obstacle so that you can continue to achieve your goals and grow your business without having to take out a business loan or seek other types of financing that would put your business in debt during repayment.
  • Time-saving. Since the factoring company is responsible for collecting payments, your time can be spent elsewhere. You no longer have to follow up with clients to track down late payments or deal with the frustration of managing the financial statements with outstanding payments. 

If you need better cash flow for your business, invoice factoring may be a good option for you. These advantages, paired with the ease of applications, means you can get started right away and continue moving toward your financial goals.