Outsourcing refers to a business process whereby a company utilizes a third party to provide services and accomplish tasks that otherwise would be done internally. Many businesses today utilize the outsource model for getting things done efficiently, often at higher quality and lower cost than if done internally.

Why Should a Company Outsource?

Let’s face it, not every business has all the personnel and talent that it needs to accomplish all its work. That is especially true for a startup as well as for many small and medium-sized businesses. An important way to get things done is to outsource services and tasks rather than fatten the payroll to pay for permanent employees.

The benefits include:

  • Reducing expenses improves the bottom line. 
  • Allowing owners and managers to focus on core business activities while outsourcing the rest. 
  • Gaining access to skilled talent that likely won’t be available otherwise. 
  • Providing opportunities for existing employees to grow in a function that they can focus on.  

What to Outsource When Starting Your Business

The most common functions for outsource consideration are:

  • Bookkeeping and accounting. 
  • Payroll processing. 
  • Tax filing and tax preparation. 
  • Legal services. Human resource functions, such as benefits, for example. 
  • Website design and optimization, website tech support, and cybersecurity. 
  • Office cleaning services.  

Additional considerations include:

  • Creative work. 
  • Social media marketing. 
  • Customer phone support. 
  • Data entry. 
  • Content writing. 
  • Digital marketing campaigns.  

Tips to Successfully Outsource Services for Your Business

When planning to outsource services for your business:

  • Define the scope and schedule of the work to be accomplished. 
  • Carefully review the qualifications of the service provider, looking for the best experience fit. 
  • Don’t select a vendor based only on price. 
  • Start small. 
  • Tie payments to well-defined deliverables. 
  • Get the agreement in writing.  

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