Employee turnover is costly. It’s not just money in training a new person, it’s losing that employee’s skills and knowledge of your company. When an employee quits, it disrupts the team, which can also harm your bottom line. Here are a few reasons you might be seeing employee turnover.

Employees Are Overworked

A high-performing employee who keeps getting piled on with additional tasks is a risk for turnover. It’s one thing to take on extra projects during a time crunch, but to continually get extra work because co-workers aren’t measuring up can be demeaning. You may need to put your over-performers on a path to a promotion and a raise or you might lose them.

You’re Not Challenging Your Employees

People want to be challenged, maybe not with extra work, but with engaging work. Give your employees a place to exercise their creativity and use the skills that they’ve been trained on.

Your Employees Are Micromanaged

The best employees work effectively without having a specific process to follow. When you micromanage your team, it stifles their performance. Give your team a place to thrive and accomplish their task within the confines of your industry and watch them soar.

The Employees Aren’t Being Appreciated

A thank you goes a long way to keeping your employees motivated. Whether that is public recognition or a private thank you depends on the person. Find what motivates your team members and tailor your appreciation.

Your Employees Aren’t Being Paid Enough

If you aren’t compensating your best employees, you may lose them to another company. Motivated and driven employees will look for a job that knows their value. These employees are confident in finding another job, so they won’t sit still. If you can’t give them more salary, look for other benefits that keep them in your employ.  

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