From equipment purchases to staffing up, business financing can make many parts of running a company easier. This post goes over some of the major business financing tips that entrepreneurs should be aware of.

Collateral Can Help with Loans

Some borrowers have trouble obtaining loans, especially borrowers with a short or shaky credit history. However, by offering up assets as collateral, you may be able to boost your chances of getting approved for a loan.

Grants: Interest-Free Funding

Because they carry no interest fees or repayment requirements, grants are a form of business financing that essentially acts as free money. As one might expect, however, obtaining one isn’t the easiest task, as the application process is typically quite competitive. Per The Balance’s Darrell Zahorsky, one place you might look to find grants is the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance. Another option is

Establish Business Savings

Savings may not be the most exciting topic when it comes to business financing, but setting aside money regularly is an important habit to develop. Without savings in reserve, a single financial emergency could derail your business. Various options for savings are available, including business savings accounts and certificates of deposit, so investigate the different setups to find the best one(s) for your business.

Refinancing Can Help

If your business is struggling with its current financial commitments—or you simply want to seek more favorable terms—consider refinancing. However, do not pursue refinancing unless the new financing setup truly is better for your business.

Business Credit Cards: Use Wisely

Credit cards are a type of business financing many companies turn to if they cannot secure a loan. Even well-established, creditworthy businesses may use them from time to time. As with personal credit cards, the key is wise usage: Be wary of interest charges, and do not rack up more expenses than you can reasonably pay back on time.

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