For business owners, financing often serves as a golden opportunity, unlocking ways to buy equipment, expand offices and operations, and more. The following five tips can make it easier for any company to gain access to financing.

Give Yourself Time

Some business owners make the mistake of procrastinating. However, if you’re applying for a loan or other source of financing, it’s important to start the process early. Don’t expect to gain financing overnight.

Know the Money’s Purpose

When talking to business owners about a potential financing agreement, lenders will want to feel confident that there is a good plan for the money’s use. Therefore, you should be able to explain how the money will help your business and why the amount you’re applying for is necessary.

Boost Your Credit Score

Business owners should be aware that both their personal and business credit scores may play a big role in the financing application process. For tips on boosting your business credit score, check out Experian’s guide, and to improve your personal credit score, this primer from CNBC may be helpful.

Come In with a Plan

A disorganized applicant is almost sure to make lenders skittish. After all, if a potential borrower isn’t organized, then why should a lender expect their business to be different? Make sure that you’re punctual in communicating with lenders and that you respond to their requests for information in detail.

Don’t Operate Alone

Business owners can benefit greatly from leaning on others during their quest for financing. For example, consulting with your financial advisor and your company’s key decision-makers can not only strengthen your application but also show lenders that you’ve put in the work to make the loan a success. Mentors may also be a valuable source of advice and revisions to your plan.

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