Women who are seeking to build a new business should research the many different financing options available to them in the form of federal grants, to private organizations. Here are some valuable resources we recommend doing more exploration on: 

Eileen Fisher Women-Owned Business Grant – this grant awards up to $120k for each woman-owned business, as long as the leadership is at least 51% women-operated, and is geared toward social and environmental changes. 

Amber Grant Foundation – the Amber Grant Foundation awards $10k monthly to women-owned businesses, with a chance to be awarded an additional $25k by year-end.  

Girlboss Foundation – Sophia Amoruso (of “Girlboss” on Netflix) awards grants to women-owned businesses that fall under the category of arts & design, fashion, and music. 

The Ms. Foundation – if your women-owned business focuses on the promotion and exposure of advancing support for other women, look into the Ms. Foundation. In addition to grants, they also offer valuable training and networking advice. 

Open Meadows Foundation – grants awarded by this foundation are based on the promotion of gender, race, and economic equality. Although there are some budget restrictions in order to qualify, you may receive a $2k grant. 

FedEx Small Business Grants – while this is an option for both women and men, it is awarded by a competition based on the public vote. On average, the amount awarded is around $75k. 

Tory Burch Foundation – this foundation helps women-owned businesses to find credible lenders within their community who will help them to grow by providing affordable loans. 

Cartier Women’s Initiative Award – with this grant, every year 21 women are awarded a valuable package consisting of exclusive media coverage, coaching workshops, and up to $100k in funding. 

While these recommended resources are just a small piece of all that is out there for women-owned businesses, there are many other organizations out there that provide the support you need to get your women-owned business dream started!